We believe the arts are a powerful way to share the history of the civil rights movement as well as express ideas for action and change.  We engage our students in the arts through drama, music, visual arts, creative writing, dance, and more.

In 2014, the Meridian Freedom Project’s Drama Troupe proudly staged our first production, “Waiting on the World to Change.” This was an original play inspired by Freedom Fellow reflections on their community and written by MFP Program Director Asha el-Shair. 

Since then, Freedom Fellows have performed additional original plays: "Who Am I?" and "Happy Arbor Day," a featured performance at the City of Meridian's 2015 Arbor Day celebration.

Freedom Fellows have also had the opportunity to travel with the Sunflower County Freedom Project’s award-winning drama troupe.  In March of 2014, three Freedom Fellows performed Margaret Walker's "For My People" as the opening act for the SCFP's Drama Troupe for audiences in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas.

And of course, Freedom Fellows also take advantage of the rich creative opportunities around them.  In June of 2015, Freedom Fellows participated in the Highway 80 Songwriters Festival Songwriting Workshop, where they wrote an original song.  Freedom Fellows have also traveled to attend plays and concerts at the Riley Center, Meridian Community College, and Jackson State University.