As young people, discipline can be the most challenging LEAD principle to grow into. Freedom Fellows learn that LEADers are self-disciplined, doing what they have to do, when they have to do it, even when they don't want to. 

$350 - Give a Retreat

Beyond academics, middle school and high school are crucial for personal and emotional growth. Each year, Freedom Fellows go on various retreats: girls retreat, boys retreat, high school retreat, etc... to step back, reflect, and nurture opportunities for growth. 

$1000 - Give the Necessities

Each month, the MFP spends approximately $1,000 on the basics, like lights, gas, water, and internet.

$500 - Give a Day Trip

Throughout the year, Freedom Fellows take day trips to destinations in places like Jackson, Biloxi, New Orleans, Greenwood, Indianola, Tuscaloosa, and more. 

$1500 - Give a Camping Trip

Each year, Freedom Fellows have the opportunity go on at least two three-day camping trips that include college visits, museums, the great outdoors, and lots of fun.

$750 - Give CASO

Each week, Freedom Fellows spend time in CASO, "College and Special Opportunities," where they research colleges, practice writing, and apply for summer opportunities. The MFP sponsors our high school students' summer opportunities and this gift would provide transportation to and from opportunities like coding, ACT, or art camps, leadership opportunities, and internships. 

$2000 - Give a Discipline Bead

The ultimate recognition of exemplifying self-discipline is receiving a blue discipline bead. This bead typically takes Freedom Fellows the longest to earn, but is worth every lesson learned along the way. During the summer, Freedom Fellows earn and wear their beads each day as a visual representation of the importance of showing discipline.