Freedom Fellows learn that the second step to becoming a LEADer is valuing your education and seizing opportunities to learn - both inside and outside of the school day. 

$40 - Give Supplies

Freedom Fellows come to the Freedom Project year-round to get on - and stay on - the path to college. Each day, they use the paper, pens, pencils, markers, etc... the Freedom Project provides to make sure nothing stands between them and academic growth. 

$50 - Give Literacy

Freedom Fellows read at least five additional pieces of literature per year at the MFP outside of school in novel studies and summer classes. Each text costs the Freedom Project an average of $10. 

$60 - Give College Visits

Freedom Fellows will visit an average of six to eight colleges per year at the MFP, meaning they will have visited and toured between 20 and 30 colleges by the time they graduate from high school. Each one-day college visit costs approximately $30 per child.